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CMUTEFL Application

1. Personal Information


First Name
Date of birth


Age (Over 18 years old)



Passport Number
Present Occupation




Contact Number


Address Information







Please choose you dates


CMUTEFL 120-hour certificate program – Year 2019














CMUTEFL 120-hour certificate program – Year 2020














2. Education and Qualifications


What is your highest level of education achieved ?





Are you a native English speaker ?




What is your English language proficiency ?


Listening Skill


Speaking Skill


Writing Skill


Reading Skill


Please comment on your English level of proficiency in each skill.(optional)



3. Trainings and work experiences


Have you ever had trainings and work experiences? (optional)

Please give details


Please give details


Please give details


Please give details



4. Additional Information


Please tell us something you are proud of and something interesting or unusual about yourself.


Write briefly about why you want to follow the course and why think you would be suited to teaching English, and what are your future plans for when you complete the course.



3. Need Assistance


Do you require Non-Education Visa Assistance?



Do you require Accommodation Assistance?



Terms and conditions


◙ The applicant will get the confirmation email after their application is approved and the payment will be process by then.

◙ Language Institute Chiang Mai University reserves the right to reject any application without explanation.

◙ Acceptance of an application does not automatically mean reservation of a place on the course. A place is only considered reserved once the acceptance letter has been received and the appropriate fee paid.