COVID-19 Travel Advice

Chiang Mai University and the Language Institute Chiang Mai University are both currently open for face-to-face study. We here are committed to the safety of all staff and students studying with us. We have taken the necessary precautions to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for all program participants of the CMUTEFL program at Chiang Mai University.

3-month Non-Immigrant Education (“ED”) from Chiang Mai University

As of 1 January 2021, Language Institute through Chiang Mai University is authorized to issue Non-Immigrant Education (“ED”) visa-supporting documentation for all international students wishing to apply for the CMUTEFL course. We are only a handful of authorized providers who can still issue support documents for applicants wishing to apply for a Non-Immigrant ED visa for international students wishing to enter the Kingdom of Thailand.

Applicants will have peace of mind that they are entering Thailand on the correct visas and are not required to change visa type in the country at a local immigration authority.

As an added bonus, we are now offering an additional one-month extension for all CMUTEFL applicants to give them time to clear Alternative State Quarantine procedures – meaning CMUTEFL applicants will be eligible to stay in Thailand for 120 days.

Traveling to Thailand

Once our applicant has applied for the CMUTEFL course and sent a scan of the passport, we will be able to issue the necessary paperwork in order for our student to apply for the correct visa. We will generally provide our students with the following scanned documentation:

  1. Letter of Acceptance – CMUTEFL
  2. Copy of organization registration documents certified by the Director of the Language Institute Chiang Mai University
  3. Copy of university receipt for deposit paid
  4. Copy of CMUTEFL course description

In addition to these documents, applicants are advised to check on new guidelines related to required documents when submitting to the Royal Thai Embassy/Consulate in their home country, now stringent guidelines mean that applicants are also required to provide the following upon submission of their application, including:

  1. A Certificate of Entry (COE)
  2. A Fit to Fly Certificate (issued no less than 72-hour prior to departure)
  3. COVID-19 RT-PCR test to confirm a negative result (72-hour prior to departure)
  4. Medical Insurance (with a cover of up to $100,000 USD including COVID-19 coverage)

Once our applicants are able to provide all this necessary supporting documentation, a Non-Immigrant Education visa should be granted. If additional documents or verification is required regarding the documents that Chiang Mai University issues, please call us +66 53 943 751 (GMT +7) during our office hours 08.30-17.00 and a member of staff will assist you further.

By choosing CMUTEFL, our applicants will have added comfort knowing that they do not need to alter their visa type for at least 120 days upon entry into Thailand. However, should our graduates obtain successful employment with a school, then a change of visa is required to shift on to a Non-Immigrant Business (“B”) which a local school can assist further with.

For more information about Alternative State Quarantine in Thailand, visit

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