CMUTEFL certificate course has a very practical emphasis and deals primarily with the real skills and knowledge required by teachers in the EFL/ESL classroom. As Chiang Mai’s only university accredited TEFL certification program, you will be ensured that the course you are undertaking is globally recognized. In just 4 weeks, you will graduate as a qualified TEFL teacher, equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and practical teaching experience necessary for you to start your new EFL/ESL career anywhere in the world.

CMUTEFL offers students the opportunity to be fully immersed in Thai culture whilst training to become a teacher. We are the only 4-week on-campus university TEFL certificate training program in Chiang Mai, Thailand. CMUTEFL training will take place at the heart of Chiang Mai University’s main campus at the Language Institute Chiang Mai University.

Our language training facility is unrivaled in terms of offering students the best possible environment necessary to train to become a teacher. Chiang Mai University campus is self contained, meaning that students do not need to venture far in order to experience a true Thai cultural immersion. As a student of CMUTEFL at the Language Institute, students will benefit with access to all local undergraduate/postgraduate students facilities, these include access to: swimming pool, fitness centre, athletics track and library (additional terms and conditions apply).

Teaching prospects after completion of the course are good. Language Institute Chiang Mai University is a community leader and has a substantial number of collaborations and networks with government, private and international schools in Thailand. Many teachers across Chiang Mai are very interested in working at the university. Another advantage of the program is, as a graduate of the program, we will prioritize graduates from the CMUTEFL program before screening potential applicants from outside. This is because, we have already had the opportunity to witness and observe trainees in action during their time in the program.

CMUTEFL certificate is not only widely accepted in Thailand, but across the globe. As a graduate you will be confident of being able to obtain teaching work once you complete the program. CMUTEFL program will give you not only the confidence to be able to stand in front of students in any classroom, but also the tools necessary to deliver an outstanding lesson. Language Institute offers many different types of English language training programs, and as a result we require the best instructors to teach our students; in some cases we recruit our best performing teachers from the CMUTEFL program.

We welcome any prospective applicant to come and talk with us directly about the benefits of CMUTEFL and how it can help them become a competent and confident English language instructor.

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