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Chiang Mai University Teaching English as a Foreign Language (CMUTEFL) Certificate Program is Chiang Mai’s ONLY 4-week university accredited TEFL certification programs.

CMUTEFL is Chiang Mai’s only TEFL certification program to be administered and run on a university campus. Experience a professional teacher training program like no other, whilst immersing yourself in Thai culture – CMUTEFL. Prospective CMUTEFL students will have the opportunity to study on one of Thailand’s most beautiful university campus – Chiang Mai University.

Chiang Mai University is located at the foothills of Doi Suthep moutain. Chiang Mai University is an attractive place with its own lake, waterfall and many decent facilities including a sport stadium, athletics running track, fitness centre, tennis court, library, food centres, night markets and art centre. As a prospective students of the CMUTEFL certificate program, you will enjoy access to all of these facilities.

CMUTEFL certification program is run at the Language Institute’s multipurpose modern teaching facility. Prospective CMUTEFL trainees will have access to some of the best teacher trainee facilities on offer in Thailand. The Language Institute Chiang Mai University boasts 36 air conditioned classrooms, on-site photocopying and printing facilities, coffee shop, wi-fi access, 200-seat lecture theatre and an audio lingual lab.

CMUTEFL has some of the best and most qualified trainers in Thailand. Our trainers have spent years teaching English across the globe. Many of them have postgraduate training in both the US and UK. CMUTEFL has also trained and created professional development programs for experienced English teachers currently working at various universities from China including: Yunnan Normal University and Chengdu University.

A TEFL Certificate from Chiang Mai University does not limit your employment prospects to only obtaining work in Thailand. With over 225 active Memorandums of Understanding with universities around the world, a certificate from Chiang Mai University will be well recognized with prospective employers outside of Thailand.

For more information, please contact a member of the Admissions Team at tefl@cmu.ac.th. Alternatively, you can come speak with us at our facility at Chiang Mai University. Prospective CMUTEFL student also have the opportunity to observe a training session in progress before signing up.

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