Teaching all ages

When teaching English, it is important to be able to adapt the lesson plan and activities to your students’ ages. In order to help you succeed after the course, with our course, you will have a chance to teach a variety of different learners at different ages. By the end of the course, students will understand the major differences in teaching English to children versus teenagers and adults.

In the Chiang Mai University TEFL course, our trainee teachers will have the opportunity to teach at all levels from children to adults, through this exposure in our practicum it will be clear by the end of the course, who our teachers would prefer to teach in the future.

Teaching Children

Teaching children can require alot of energy and the classroom environment and its teacher will need to be energetic, so teachers must be prepared to be on their toes at all times when in class. Children are driven by imagination and its important for teachers to keep this in mind when creating their lessons. In the CMUTEFL course, we do have a short workshop aimed at giving the necessary skills for teachers to be able to walk into the class and engage a group of students. We focus on the Total Physical Response (TPR) methodology which focuses on the students physical movement in order to learn the target language.

Teaching Teenagers

Teenagers tend to be different than children and most simply view learning English in school as simply just another subject that they must take and dont see the benefit of wanting to learn. In order to build a solid relationship with their students, teachers are advised to generate a rapport with the students and build trust, its advisable keep the classroom environment engaged with games and activities – this will also give the teacher the opportunity to evaluate the students’ level of English for mixed classes. A majority of the teaching practice for our trainee teachers will tend to involve teaching teenagers at a local high school in Chiang Mai and through the model of Engage – Study – Activate approach, our teachers will be able to effectively engage with the students from day one and have the confidence to deliver their lesson plan and meet the overall learing objectives of the lesson.

Teaching Adults

Finally, CMUTEFL trainee teachers will have the chance to teach on campus with undergraduate students at Chiang Mai University. These groups of learners tend to be the most motivated to learn and study English as they have a reason for learnng the language. Our classes at the Language Institute tend to be mixed ability classes and teachers will often have to utilize a variety of techniques in order to engage the weaker learners whilst motivating the stronger learners in the same classroom.

After graduating from the CMUTEFL course, teachers will have the confidence to walk into any classroom around the world and deliver an effective student centered class.

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