Teaching all ages

When instructing English, the ability to tailor lesson plans and activities to suit the age of your students is paramount. To enhance your success post-course, our program provides you with the opportunity to teach a diverse range of learners across various age groups. By the course’s conclusion, you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the significant distinctions in teaching English to children, teenagers, and adults.

Within the Chiang Mai University TEFL course, our trainee teachers are exposed to teaching at all levels, spanning from children to adults. Through this hands-on experience in our practicum, teachers can discern their preferences for future teaching endeavours by the course’s conclusion.

Teaching Children

Teaching children demands a considerable amount of energy, and the classroom environment, along with its instructor, must exude vitality. Teachers need to be prepared to stay dynamic and attentive throughout the entire class. Recognizing that children are fueled by imagination, teachers must incorporate this element into their lesson plans.

In the CMUTEFL course, we provide a brief workshop designed to equip teachers with the essential skills to confidently step into a classroom and effectively engage a group of students. Our focus centres on the Total Physical Response (TPR) methodology, which emphasizes students’ physical movement as a means to grasp the target language.

Teaching Teenagers

Teenagers often perceive learning English in school as merely another obligatory subject without recognizing its practical benefits. To establish a strong connection with students, teachers are encouraged to build rapport and foster trust. Maintaining an engaging classroom atmosphere through games and activities not only facilitates relationship-building but also allows teachers to assess the student’s English proficiency in mixed-level classes.

A significant portion of our trainee teachers’ practical experience involves teaching teenagers at a local high school in Chiang Mai. Through the Engage-Study-Activate approach, our teachers can effectively connect with students right from the beginning. This structured methodology instils confidence in teachers to deliver their lesson plans, ensuring they meet the overarching learning objectives of each lesson.

Teaching Adults

In conclusion, CMUTEFL trainee teachers are allowed to instruct undergraduate students on the Chiang Mai University campus. These student groups are often highly motivated to learn and study English, driven by specific reasons. Classes at the Language Institute typically consist of mixed-ability students, necessitating teachers to employ a variety of techniques to engage weaker learners while simultaneously motivating stronger learners within the same classroom.

Upon completion of the CMUTEFL course, teachers gain the confidence to enter any classroom worldwide and conduct an effective, student-centred class.

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