" The course was great, instructors were awesome. I love teaching"

Ruth Berta, USA


" I think this has been the best thing I have ever done. I loved the course and hope to use the new skills I have in a new career. The course instructors were brilliant and inspiring."

James Stuart, UK


" The course was very helpful and I hope to be able to use my TEFL shortly in the near future."

Malcolm McDermond, USA


" I really loved the aspect of the course that everyone was given constructive feedback. Everyone was given respect and listened to, even for incredibly stupid questions. No one was made to feel stupid. Everything was great"

John Sommerfield, USA


" I'm very happy to have done this course and I hope one day to be a teacher at Chiang Mai University."

Alex Natali, Italy


" Hey, thanks for having us here. Sean and Robyn have been really helpful in teaching us. Both of them are experienced and skillful. I had a lot of fun coming to class. Thank you Robyn and Sean for being nice and always keeping the energy level of the class high until the end of the course. These last two weeks seemed to be hard and many of us made it difficult to handle, sometimes we were not so cooperative."

Kuntamarat Gunjana, Thailand


" Hate to give overwhelmingly positive feedback, I know it can be assumed that the student just circled all 1s to get it over with quickly, but I actually really found the course to be as good as I graded it, and cant think of any changes I'd have made."

Gabriel Avina, USA


" I was really thoroughly satisfied and impressed with the quality of this course. Robyn and Emma (and the rest of the administrative staff) were superb in every way. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone."

Nathan Kimmons, USA


" Woouw, it is really possible to become an English teacher in 4-weeks! The CMUTEFL course is well structured, professional and enjoyable training course. The course gave me the opportunity to change my career path into the rewarding and enjoyable field of teaching."

Ramon Janssen, Netherlands


" I didn't expect this course to be that hard and challenging, but now I could not think of a better education for teaching English. It is very professional and I learned a lot from our passionate instructors. I would definitely recommend doing a TEFL course at CMU."

Viktoria Reimer, Germany