Elite Partner Schools

elite partner school

Language Institute Chiang Mai University and CMUTEFL Certificate Program have worked with a number of different schools and education providers across Thailand. Our projects have encompassed many aspects of language training for both students and staff which have included: English language development, immersion camps, teacher training and professional development programs. We continually look to increase the number of education providers which we serve. Here is a list of our current LICMU Elite Partner Schools:

1 Kawila Wittayakom School 21 San Patong Wittayakom School
2 Chom Tong School 22 Sanpayang Wittayakom School
3 Chiang Dao Wittayakom School 23 Sarapeepittayakom School
4 Doi Tao Wittayakom School 24 Hopra School
5 Debsirin Chiang Mai School 25 Hongdongrat-ratupathum School
6 Navamindarajudis Payap School 26 Omkoi Wittayakom School
7 Bankad Wittayakom School 27 Arunothai Wittayakom School
8 Fangchanupathum School 28 Hodpittayakom School
9 Mae Chaem School 29 Ban Sanpranet School
10 Maetuen Wittayakom School 30 Watmakabtongluang School
11 Maehophra Wittayakom School 31 Chiang Mai University Demonstration School
12 Mae On Wittayalai School 32 Dara Academy
13 Yupparaj Wittayalai School 33 Regina Coeli College
14 Wattanothaipayap School    
15 Wiang Haeng Wittayakom School    
16 Songkaew Wittayakom School    
17 Samoengpittayakom School    
18 Sankamphaeng School    
19 Santisuk School    
20 Sansai Wittayakom School    

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