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The CMUTEFL microteaching sessions are organised practice teaching. The goal is to give trainee teachers confidence, support and feedback by letting them try out among their peers a short slice of what they plan to do with their students in the real assessed teaching practice sessions. These sessions are videotaped and then reviewed as a group, these discussions are facilitated by the Head Trainers. CMUTEFL microteaching is a quick, efficient, proven and fun way to help teachers get off to a good start.

How does it work?

As many as twelve trainees can participate in a 2-hour microteaching session. Head Trainers will be asked to serve as the facilitator. One of the trainee teachers will be asked to teach in front of his or her peers, and the other members of the group will assume the role of students. It is the job of these pretend pupils to ask questions realistically. Each individual session usually runs for between 5-10 minutes. When finished, the person conducting the class has a moment to provide feedback on how the class went. Then everyone else joins in to discuss what they saw that they liked. Finally the group might mention a few things that the practice teacher might try to do differently next time. These sessions are not assessed and are used as a tool for trainee teachers to practice different ideas which can be used in their assessed classes.

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