TEFL Accreditation


University TEFL Accreditation

CMUTEFL is the only university accredited TEFL certification program in Chiang Mai. The 120-hour CMUTEFL at the Language Institute Chiang Mai University has been approved by the Board of Language Institute Chiang Mai University. Its syllabus has been reviewed and will be continually monitored by the Chairman of the Language Institute Chiang Mai University along with six committee members comprising of various academicians, deans and directors at both Chiang Mai University and Chulalongkorn University. This course has now been authorized to be administered at the Language Institute Chiang Mai University. Students, who successfully complete the program, will be conferred with certificates signed by the Vice President of Chiang Mai University. Students enrolling in the program will have piece of mind knowing that the program they are enrolling with is a internationally recognized certification through Chiang Mai University.

In order to ensure our program offers the highest level of teacher training to further teachers, we have developed external quality control practices. This involves external validators (usually professors) from the Faculty of Education, Chiang Mai University participating in the CMUTEFL course, twice a year. The external validators will be asked to assess various components of the program using a pre-approved checklist prepared by Chiang Mai University, which includes evaluation of the teacher trainers and instructors, the quality of the materials issued and the extent to which the objectives and course requirements are met. We aim to continuously improve the academic quality of the program; for this reason, we shall issue trainee feedback forms at the end of each program, that would serve as course evaluation. These forms remain confidential and shall be used for evaluation purposes only.

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